Friday, October 26, 2007

A New Running Shoe Find

Don't tell my running friends at Brooks, but I went to Super Jock and Jill this morning to redeem my gift certificate that I won at the half marathon on Labor Day and decided to try on a couple of different shoes just to make sure the Brooks Trance 7s are the right shoe. I tored the Kayano from Asics and hated it. The arch was to high and it felt like I was running on shortened 2x4s.

The they fitted me with the new Adrenalines. They now have Mogo in them and they actually felt way better than the Adenaline 6s. Much softer with the same stability.

Then I tried the Adidas Supernova. Wow! They fit like a glove -- or a sock i guess -- and they are soft yet seem to provide the support I need. They also were very light.

I get a free pair of shoes because of my third place finish at St. George so I think I will use that to try a pair of these Adidas.

I'll report back once I get them and run on them for a couple hundred miles.


Anonymous said...

Just couldn't help myself, I had to comment on the Supernovas. I had a pair of Supernova Motion Control 10s and loved them. They were probably the best shoes I have ever worn. One problem though, they ruined my toe nails. I lost both big toe nails and also the toenail on my second toe. I liked them so much I tried everything in order to continue to wear them. Tape, thin socks, thick socks, rubber caps you name it. I put about 300 miles on them and believe or not I bought a second pair. Finally my wife made me stop wearing them. Others I know have had no problems, so I'm sure it's something unique to my foot. Just in case keep an eye on those toe nails. Every time I go for a run I am still tempted to put them on.

Anonymous said...

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