Wednesday, October 10, 2007

High Nuun

I've mentioned in previous posts that staying properly hydrated during a marathon has been a big challenge for me. It cost me an Olympic Trials qualifier in Eugene last April and it even had a negative impact on me at the Super Jock and Jill half marathon on Labor Day.

Prior to Eugene, I never took water with me on my training runs except for the long runs. Pretty hard for my body to get comfortable taking fluids on the run when it has little practice. So I started carrying water with me on any run 10 miles or longer, which is basically every run.

But what was even more helpful was the discovery of a very cool and decent tasting electrolyte tablet that helps replace the electrolytes (read: salt) that I seem to lose faster than most.

It's called Nuun (pronounced "noon"). They come in a tube with about 10-12 tablets. You drop one tablet into a 16 ounce bottle, let it dissolve for a couple of minutes and you're good to go. The company was even clever enough to make each tablet easily breakable into two so you can put a half tablet into more manageable 8 ounce bottles.

I've only used the berry flavor. It's tastes fine. I noticed after this last marathon that I was way better hydrated and much less salty. I swear by this stuff. You should give it a try. You can find it at any decent running store or online at


Joe said...

Lots of interesting products out there....some good.....some terrible thats for sure.

I tried a great product at a race in south florida called lyte'n go. Its a chewable tablet that is sugar free and helps to replace several lost electrolytes and really helped with my cramps.

Its sort of like a sweet tart...and does not require any water.....just pop it in my mouth and chew it up.

Great flavor and no cramps!!!!

I later found them a google search for lyte'n go.

Ryan said...

Sean, go check out the series about electrolytes and cramps on