Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Golden Gate Bridge

I've been dleiinquent in my postings. Something about crazy travel and lots of work to do. Speaking of travel, I spent the last two days in San Francisco and had the opportunity to run along the shores of the Bay this morning. I ran along Embarcadero all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was about 6 miles out and 6 miles back. It was a gorgeous morning except for the bright yellow booms along the entirety of the shoreline mopping up after the unfortunate oil spill that happened recently. Really sad to see all the beaches closed. But SF is a beautiful place to run. I expected more hilliness but I managed to find the flattest part of the city. The best thing was that I escaped the dreaded hotel treadmill. Oh how I hate treadmills.

Still no word on the Ryan Shay autopsy findings. It has crossed my mind a couple of times whether or not I shoudl get tested. I'm trying not to get caught up in the media hype about testing athletes but at the same time, it scares me a bit. My dad, a physician, has told me what tests I would need to get. I haven't decided what to do.

I'll be better about my posts the rest of the week.

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