Wednesday, November 7, 2007

5th and 50th

As I was walking in NYC this evening looking for a place to eat, I found myself a block away from Rockefeller Center where the Trials began on Saturday. I took the opportunity to retrace the morning from the time I got off the bus to the time the gun went off.

I eventually got to the starting line at 50th and 5th Ave. where the white tape still remains. It was cool. But I again thought of Ryan Shay and how this was the last starting line he ever crossed. I stopped at the spot where I saw my father-in-law who took a redeye flight to arrive from Spokane on Saturday and flew back that night...just to see me. So many great memories.

I was also looking more closely at the splits data from the race. I actually held on longer than I had originally thought. Here are my splits for each 5k, my overall pace and my overall place at each 5k.

5k Segments Cumulative Place
5k – 17:04 (5:29/m) (17:04) (5:29/m) 75th
10k – 16:23 (5:16/m) (33:27) (5:23/m) 101st
15k – 16:50 (5:25/m) (50:17) (5:23/m) 102nd
20k – 17:07 (5:30/m) (1:07:24) (5:25/m) 103rd
Half – 3:44 (5:28/m) (1:11:08) (5:25/m) 103rd
25k – 17:01 (5:28/m) (1:24:25) (5:26/m) 101st
30k – 17:24 (5:36/m) (1:41:49) (5:28/m) 90th
35k – 18:00 (5:47/m) (1:59:49) (5:30/m) 85th
40k – 20:42 (6:40/m) (2:20:31) (5:39/m) 88th
26.2 – 10:10 (7:28/m) (2:30:41) (5:45/m) 90th

It was really not until the final 7k where i reallt fell apart. Through 35k I was still on pace to finish in very respectable 2:24. That still would have only been good enough for 85th. The more telling piece of data is that my meltdown over the last 7k cost me only 5 spots. Plenty were melting behind me.

Teammate Mike Sayenko ran an unbelievably steady race. Here are his splits:

Mike Sayenko
5k Segments Cumulative Place
5k – 17:02 (5:29/m) (17:02) (5:29/m) 56th
10k – 16:00 (5:09/m) (33:02) (5:19/m) 52nd
15k – 16:12 (5:13/m) (49:14) (5:17/m) 53rd
20k – 16:25 (5:17/m) (1:05:39) (5:17/m) 53rd
Half – 3:33 (5:11/m) (1:09:12) (5:17/m) 53rd
25k – 16:19 (5:15/m) (1:21:58) (5:17/m) 48th
30k – 16:24 (5:17/m) (1:38:22) (5:17/m) 36th
35k – 16:27 (5:18/m) (1:54:49) (5:17/m) 31st
40k – 16:33 (5:20/m) (2:11:22) (5:17/m) 27th
26.2 – 7:13 (5:18/m) (2:18:35) (5:17/m) 29th

Amazing steadiness.

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